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About Corfu

Corfu holidays, corfu hotelsPrefecture of Kerkyra
Kerkyra, the Homeric island of the Phaeacians, the last stop in the wanderings of the long-suffering Odysseus before his return home, a green and sunny island with plentiful vegetation, lacelike bays and beautiful beaches. The distinctive architecture of the city Kerkyra, the traditional villages inland, the rich flora have all inspired musicians and authors from Goethe to Oscar Wilde, but also Shakespeare, who chose Kerkyra as the setting for the ‘Tempest”. The Empress Elisabeth, known as Sissi, charmed by the island, built a palace in Kerkyra at the end of the 19th century. For Greeks, however, Kerkyra is the birthplace of Capodistrias, Mantzaros, Mavilis, Theotokis and other great men and artists who contributed to the cultural development of the country.

The island
A visit to Kerkyra can be made by plane or by ferryboat from Igoumenitsaor Patras. The island is 17 nautical miles from the harbor of Igoumenitsa and is the westernmost island of Greece with the exception of the Islets of Othonoi and Mathraki to the northwest. It has the shape of a sickle and for this reason also had the name Drepanon in antiquity. The area is 598 km2, the length is 57 km and the greatest width 26km.The north is mountainous with the highest peak of Pantokratoras (911m). Administratively, Kerkyra is composed of 13 municipalities with 115.000 inhabitants, and includes the Diapontian islands (Othonoi, Mathraki, Ereikousa) to the north and the small islands of Paxoiu and Antipaxoi to the south.

Kerkyra is one of the world’s cosmopolitan resorts and it can offer thevisitor anything from modern tourist facilities to rented rooms and campsites. Entertainment is also varied from the noisy bars of Kerkyra’s nightlife to the isolated beaches for the lovers of peace and nature.